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Hello everyone and Welcome to Grassroots Dad. 

My Name Is Tom.

I'm a Dad of 2 Young Superstars Participating in Grassroots Sports, A Qualified Coach with almost 10 years worth of Experience in the game working along Side Grassroot Clubs, Development Centres and within a Professional Academy environment . 

​During my Footballing Journey I have met so many Amazing People And have Worked with some Wonderful Players and Staff and Have Learnt so much along the way so far. 

Grassroots Sport is the life blood of Any Sports with so many Participants and activities taking place weekly.

and so many New eager Participants joining local clubs Daily, But as with anything in life if your not moving Forward your getting left behind.


The Game has Evolved  so much since I was a young Participant And I understand How Hard it Can be to Understand some Processes and everywhere you look its so far from the real world grassroots game from sessions to communication. 

So here at Grassroots Dad.

My Goals and Aims are to Help Coaches And Parents alike using my best practices and past experiences, my own views on ways to overcome real bumps in the road and Things I find along The way to help give your Superstars a better Footballing Journey and you all a  lifetime of Memories, Laughter and new Friendships. 

Please feel Free to Drop me a Message and I will help in any way I can. 

Many Thanks 

Tom (Grassroots Dad) 


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