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Five Football Podcasts To Help Improve Your Coaching. learning and improving on your coaching journey never stops and life can be very busy, especially for grassroots coaching volunteers. Working Full-time jobs, family and other commitments let alone all the football commitments like training, matches, dealing with pitch issues,

Answering parents' text messages the list goes on. Finding the time to invest in yourself and your coaching development can be tough almost impossible.

This is where I have found Podcasts can make world of difference, on my daily commutes to work, taking the kids to and from swimming lessons, and on my way to the supermarket. Connect to Spotify and on goes the Podcasts.

#1 The Coaching Badges Podcast.

Each episode of the podcast starts with rounding off all previous sporting events in a fun, light-hearted manner, sharing past experiences and battle scars. They move on to the show's main Topic where they are joined by unbelievable coaches and experts in their chosen field to break down key coaching elements and find key coaching "nuggets" from all aspects of the game from set Pieces to athletic development they cover it all with the aim of "helping all coaches from grassroots up to the pro game."

first Class Podcast.

#2 Youth Soccer Coaching Player Development Podcast.

Saul is joined by coaches from all over the World from Brazil to Budapest and everything in between they discuss their Coaching journeys to date and how Player Development, Coaching and Practices are Carried out in different clubs throughout the World. "A podcast aimed at players, coaches and parents interested in the beautiful game."

#3 Academy Football Network Podcast.

"Bringing expert knowledge and experiences from Professionals within the Academy game." for me this Podcast helped me, look to connect and understand my players better, and their motivations behind playing the game. Found it educational and learned more aspects of the Social and psychological Corners thanks to these informative Podcasts.

#4 A Taste For Football Podcast.

If you have any interest in Talent Identification and exactly who The Nowhere Men #ad and women are then this is the Podcast for you.

Humphrey is Joined by a whole host of Professional scouts, Heads of Recruitment, coaches and ex-players to discuss their journeys in the game as well as some "hidden gems of professional scouting"

and a very good insight into what these clubs are potentially looking at from your players, an excellent tool to help you with individual player development for those striving for the next level.

#5 Player Development Project Podcast.

Fantastic content and an excellent "learning tool for soccer coaches" every Podcast covers a different

Question from Regular Coaches with areas of the game to improve, from formations in the Younger age groups (Foundation Phase) to Help in stopping your team from always starting slow. when they are not helping they conduct in-depth Interviews with some top coaches so you can learn from the world's most innovative player developers".

Final Thoughts.

Learning and Development can not unfortunately always be conducted in a professional environment with tutors on hand to help in your guided learning and with everyday life just in general being a hundred miles an hour. Tuning into these podcasts when I can, have helped me feel still connected with the game even when I'm not on the grass, and has helped improve my Coaching styles and all-around understanding of certain areas of the game.

So next time you are in the car or running in the gym, give them a try if you haven't already, and hopefully, you will get some amazing coaching points to take away.

I would love to hear if you have any other Podcasts you have on your list.

and if you found any of this information helpful feel free to buy me a coffee.

Many Thanks

Tom - Grassroots Dad.


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