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Help Your Club Raise Some Money with These 5 Awesome Fundraising Ideas.

Fundraising has always been a vital element to the success and continuity of The Grassroots Community and with over 13.5 millions People Participating at football clubs in the UK your Club is no Different and your Help can make all the Difference.

Whether your Funding to help buy new Balls And equipment, to Raising money for Kit or Even Trying to build a Kitty for your end of Season Tour This List will Hopefully give you some ideas to Try.

#1 - Sponsored Walk/Run/Cycle.

Most Youth Age Groups will Have on Average 15-20 young Superstars.

Sign Them up to do a sponsored Walk/Run/Cycle on a Matchless Weekend, instead of sitting in front of the Dreaded Xbox or PlayStation.

Asking Parents, Relatives and Friends of the family to Sponsor.

say each Players Can Get £1 from 20 People. that could work out to be a Staggering £400!!

#2 - Tea/Coffee Cookie Stand.

Cold wet winter days can be hard enough for the players. let alone the Fantastic Spectators up and down the Country on a Daily and Weekly Basis Cheering on their Superstars.

And apart from seeing your Child or Team Perform to the best of their capabilities nothing warms the soul like a nice hot cup of Tea or Coffee or maybe even Hot Chocolate and a snack to go with it.

so why not set up a Tea and Coffee Stand and Warm the Fans whilst raising money for your club.

If your clubs got a Clubhouse Speak with them see if they can open up as most People would be more then happy to

part with a few pounds if it keeps them warm and refreshed.

If Your not in a Position to do that maybe club together with others

and Buy your own Tea and Coffee urns. this Will continue to raise money for your Team and Club Week on Week.

"#ad" Click Here to See More Urns.

#3 - Smarties Tubes.

Why not Treat and Reward your Players with the challenge of collecting 20 Pence Pieces and Filling up their Tubes to in turn receive another Tube of Smarties. The Average cost of a Small Tube of Smarties 70p the Total amount of 20p's you can fit inside a tube a Massive £12. that is a Serious ROI and a Treat for all the Players at the same time.

#4 - Scratch Cards.

Football Scratch Cards can be a Fun way of Enticing People to part with a Couple of Pound towards your Cause. say you Charge £2 A Team.

40 Teams on a card Equals £80 Total. winner Takes £40 you Put the rest into your Cause.

Buy 10 Football Scratch Cards and Rinse and Repeat the Process that's a whooping £400 in your Pot in a few weeks with Little Initial Outlay. you could walk around on Training nights and on Matchdays including both Home and Away Supporters. just be sure to Take all the Correct Details.

View Scratch Cards Here. "#ad"

#5 - Raffle.

Want a Great way to Branch out to all the local Businesses in your Area and Maybe even Beyond.

Then look no Further then a Raffle.

approach local Businesses and even other Parents.

Maybe Flower shops. Hairdressers. Golf Courses. Gas Plumbers. Cinemas etc

Tell them your are raising money for your club through a raffle and see if they are able to offer any services or Discounts. you maybe massively Surprised just how Generous the Local community can be.

Time to get Selling RAFFLE TICKETS. "#ad"

this can be achieved by your club or your Team just set a sale per ticket value e.g. £1 a ticket £5 a strip

and Ask Players and Parents to ask their friends, Family, School Friends, Work Colleague's etc to purchase some Tickets.

Final Thoughts.

I Hope These 5 Awesome Fundraising Ideas will help inspire you to take Action and Help Your Club Raise some Money. Always Check with your Coaches and Club before taking it upon yourself as they may be able to Assist and You do not want to Organise something if the Coach has something planned.

Where Possible Try to include your Local Community as this is the Backbone of All Grassroots Clubs and Hopefully Future Players, Coaches or Sponsors amongst them.

If You Want to look for Some more ideas try Sites like who have hundreds of Awesome ideas to Help you get to your goals.

If you would like to thank me for the inspiration to you starting your money raising campaign you can always buy me a coffee.

Any Questions, Feel Free to drop me a Message.

Many Thanks.

Grassroots Dad.


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