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The Little Things Help.

Posting this in the middle of a cold windy January still struggling from the Christmas Blues sat on the Sofa watching Super Sunday.

The realisation passes through my mind of all the amazing Coaches up and down the Country

finishing up there afternoon games. Who Long after handing over their players to all the parents who have braved the weather conditions or those who have managed to sneak off to the car wrapped up warm, sipping on there nice hot thermos Tea.

Will still be on the Pitches, doing the complete Opposite of what they most probably arrived an hour or so before you to set up.

Packaging away goal mouths, winding up Respect Barriers, Picking up Forgotten Water Bottles, trying to figure out who that rain jacket screwed up in a wet ball belongs to, submitting results to the league the list goes on.

90% of the time with their own Superstars cold and wet beside them.

"Sweeping the sheds.

Doing it properly.

So no-one else has to.

Because no-one looks after the All Blacks.

The All Blacks look after themselves."

James Kerr - Book - Legacy. (paid link)

This Is one of the Key Positive Principle's of The World Famous ALL BLACKS Success. They Don't expect anyone to do anything for them they look after each other and are a formidable force on and off the pitch.

Show Your Coach some Love this Winter and Beyond and Help Create a Positive Culture through your Team And Club just Like the ALL BLACKS and if you can.

  • Offer to Referee or Run The line. (if you know how.)

  • Take the Barriers down after matches.

  • Help move or dismantle goalmouths.

  • Offer to pick up the cones.

  • Collect the balls after Training or Matches.

  • Help Carry Equipment back to the Car.

  • Clear the Pitches and Spectator areas of Rubbish.

The List is Endless of all the little things that help But will mean More to your Coach than you will ever Know.

Many Thanks.

If you would like to thank me in any way, you are more than welcome to buy me a coffee any time.

Tom - Grassroots Dad.


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